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Zeytinyagli Kereviz Yemeği

Translation is Celery root braised in olive oil. The main ingredient being Celery root with a mix of other root vegtables. This is a vegetarian and vegan dish for those looking for something different.

Celery root in lots of places in the world such as Turkey where the dish comes from is a reasonable price except in Canada its expensive . Needless to say I don't make this often.

The ingredients are simple one celery root not too big ( I bought a big one and cut in two). onion, 2 potatoes two carrots and a 1/4 cup olive oil salt pepper and half a lemon.

Cut off all the outter layer and keep the top green if any and wash it to use in the dish.

Cut into small peices

Add Olive oil to pan with all ingredients

Add those green cleaned tops of celery

Cook till all is soft with a fork.

When finished place in a bowl and let cool down. Place in fridge and eat the next day with some fresh bread

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