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Venison Recipe - OssoBucco in the Instapot

Venison Ossobucco with potatoes and cauliflower
Venison Ossobucco with potatoes and cauliflower

I had a few shanks left from our venison we hunted this fall so normally we do the old slow cooking method but today we will embark on the quick but amazing instapot method that takes only 1 hour max to cook!

First thing in this venison recipe is to have your shanks cut up into pieces but you can leave them as is too. I usually debone the shanks when butchering. Again that's a personal preference .

Next is to sear the meat in the instapot with a little olive oil or use whatever fat you like. then remove from pot and add veggies carrot garlic onion. Stir add some tomato or pepper paste . Add spices as you like I used Alberta Steak Spice and some other herbs like parsley and thyme.

Alberta Steak spice sitting in the snow
Alberta Steak Spice

Then I add my shanks back in and cover with a cup of red wine and few cups of beef or venison broth. Thee more you add the more stew like it will become so becareful. If its too stew like then remove shanks meat and add some cornstarch at the end to thicken it up and it will become like a gravy.

Serve with potatoes and veggies the way you like and your set and to go.

Hope you enjoy this simple venison recipe shank recipe.

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