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Wines from Douro Region of Portugal to try

We know Portugal for the Port , we know them for the Vinho verde but did you know they make awesome wines that are of high quality or unique to their growing regions as many places in Europe . I taste three wines that come from the Douro Region well know in Portugal for producing some fine grapes which in turn make great wines!

Here is a little info from the winery

" Santos & Seixo is a family company owned by two families. Alzira dos Santos and Pedro Seixo had the dream of pursuing their family inheritance and devoting themselves wholeheartedly to wine. In 2010 the dream became reality with their first harvest in Douro and Alentejo, the most emblematic regions in Portugal. Limited productions from the best grape varieties of each region with a careful aging in French oak barrels. The project has grown and today the family owns properties and produces wines in the Douro, Alentejo and in the Vinho Verde region. In a combination of modern and traditional, our grapes are carefully chosen with a minimum intervention. From the production to the ageing in barrels, all the processes are made in order to maintain the authenticity of the grapes."

Red ; Reserva Douro is made of 60% Touriga Nacional, 20% Touriga Franca & 20% Tinta Roriz

Has notes of Chocolate berries, leather an hits at 14% . Great with Venison beef or hearty fare.

This goes well with this recipe found here.

The next was the white Douro DOC which had a heavier taste to me but still fresh and for some reason it had some oak even though it was never in oak ! That says something to the structure of this wine at 13% it must have had some notes that fooled my brain somehow or maybe the mixed varieties I haven't had before of 30% Viosinho, 30% Gouveio Real, 20% Verdelho & 20% Rabigato that gave me this taste. It was great and good with lighter fare such as pasta with some chicken

The final wine was the Rose Douro DOC which was fresh east drink and made for the patio with friends on a summer day.

Nice light at 12% made with a mix varieties of 75% Touriga Nacional & 25% Touriga Franca its fruity and vibrant.

Want more info on these wines go visit the website for Santos de Casa

Represented in Alberta Canada by Vina Sophia

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