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Turkish Kofte meatballs made with Alberta raised Bison

I remember the times when I would visit my grandmother in Turkey every few years. Traveling from Montreal on a plane landing and heading straight to her house by the ocean. She would always prepare one dish that she knew the kids would love . Kofte, a Turkish style meatball but usually made into an egg shape and flattened. It can have different spices in it depending which part of Turkey you visit. I tried to make it as close to her version but Im sure she's somewhere up there shaking her head and yelling I missed something.

Its one of those dishes that can be considered refined or street food. There is not one person I know that doesn't love a good kofte. In the video I show you how to make it with good Alberta Bison from Northrange Craft Butcher of Alberta who use small producers that care about the animals they raise and the quality is there and shows.

Bison is a lean meat and therefore less fat making it a great alternative to those looking to cut down on fat but want to protein we all love and need.

Watch the video to see how I do this the ingredients are a tablespoon of each spice but you can vary it according to your taste. Don't put too much salt you can season it just before you cook and or after as well.

Grilled on the BBQ or in a Pan

Serve with fried potatoes or rice and your fave veggies.


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