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A line up of a great winery

Every so often I get the chance to try something new and from a place I would never think of for that product. You get into a mindset of thinking certain things are not from there. I think of Kamloops as a desert, a hockey tournament town and some excellent mountain biking. I didn't think of it as a wine growing spot, but there I was wrong. Kamloops is home to a winery by the name of Monte Creek . Located next to the South Thompson river it has over 1200 acres of farmland . I had 4 wines that I tried from this winery and I'll go over each one of them with you.

The winery produces some wonderful wines such as the ones I tried Cabernet Merlot, Chardonnay , Riesling and Sparkling Rose.

I had these wines at different times so will share my thoughts on the the wines and what I had with them .

2017 Cabernet Merlot

This a lot of fruit forward such as blackberry, plum, cherry and the oak and vanilla stood out for me. This went well with a Turkish kofte on the barbecue connecting with the spices in the kofte which I like to add cumin , paprika parsley and onion. This wine would go well with any grilled meat, roasted vegetables and anyone that can make a great pizza in stone fired oven. Would love to have a bbq using some of the old vine clippings!

2018 Varietal Series Riesling

These grapes come from the Oliver region in the Okanagan. It makes for a pleasant with citrus notes , crisp apple good acidity and smells like peaches to me. Had this with some cured meats and hard cheeses which went well. I'd even try this with a nice curry that's not too spicy.

2019 Sparkling Rose

This is a grape varietal called Marquette which is new in the variety since 2006 and lets say relative to Pinot Noir. Its hardy to cold climates and less susceptible to fungus mildew that can sometimes occur on grapes. This wine was wild fermented which didn't require any addition of sugar or yeast for carbonation.

This is an easy drinking sparking rose which you can have with charcuterie , soft creamy light cheese or just plain on its own. Id say this might be a hit for a baby shower or some fun occasion. Notes of strawberry , peach and a hint of lemon.

2018 Reserve Chardonay

This wine grapes come from 80% Naramata and 20% Similkameen area. They were barrel fermented and aged for 15 months in new oak. Ive always been a fan of big oaky American Chardonnays buttery etc but this is not like that. Its more medium bodied with tropical fruit citrus and floral notes. I had this with some grilled chicken which went well. I could see this paired with salmon , tuna or pork as well.

More information on these wines can be found at

Instagram @montecreekranch

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