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Vegan Rice Bowl

I decided to give it a go and become vegan for a week just to try it.

I saw some brown rice in the pantry so decided it was the main base for the meal I was going to make today. Then the dried shitake mushrooms fell off one of the shelves and that became part of the show.

The first time I bought dried shitake mushroom I was kind of scared, to be honest. They were dried and looked like something a witch doctor would use in a potion and I had no clue if something toxic would occur. I quickly found out it takes a bit of time to rehydrate and use in your recipe but man it had such umami flavours better than any fresh mushroom I've had except a truffle ( I love truffles).

Next, I looked in for stock to use and I had a vegetable stock ready to go. I found a few mixed veggies in the freezer I thought I'd use up too.

I left the rice and mushrooms to soak in water for a few hours.

Cut up an onion and saute, add the veggies, cut up mushroom and then add rice. Stir and then add the stock. Cover and bring to a boil. Simmer till cooked.

added some Sambal Olek a spicy pepper condiment to add a bit of kick to the dish.


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