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Ticino Banff 40 years of great food and family

Banff has had lots of restaurants come and go over the years and many franchises that have failed. The one restaurant that sticks out to me is Ticino. Its one of the locals all time favourites and its made history by being around for 40 years.

The Widmer family still continues to run the operation with Erwin & Loraine take a well needed break from that restaurant life and letting Angela & Louis Pierre take over the business.

We decided to take advantage of their locals special that pops up one or twice a year for a few days and enjoy the restaurant. (which is being renovated as on Nov 3 - Dec 5 2019)

As we entered Erwin made a guest appearance and greeted us like it was just yesterday we were there. Got seated and chatted a bit on life and the adventures of ski touring Erwin loves to do. Then he was off like lighting seating's other guests rolling in. The evening was full locals from old town mayors from Canmore to local business owners , their families not to mention some past restaurant owners as well!

Cedar Creek Merlot

We started with a local BC wine from Cedar Creek located in Kelowna always a favourite of mine..

The restaurant has some select wines from different regions such as Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, US and South America. So a good selection without being overwhelming as some wine menus can be. They also have cocktails made with the local Wildlife Gin & Vodka which by the way was co-started by Matt Widmer one of the sons that had many years experience in the restaurant business.

I selected an old favourite appetizer Vineyard snails in "Ticino" herb butter sauce served with French bread. It was soo wonderful and I almost licked the bowl !

Vineyard snail -Escargot

Osso bucco d'cervo (elk)

My main was the Osso bucco d'cervo (elk) yes we live in the Canadian Rockies and have some great game animals , but what you find in the restaurants are farm raised and inspected etc so this is not uncle Bobs Canmore elk he bow hunted last week ;)

The spätzl was perfect to mop up the sauce and yes I did suck the marrow out of the small bone luckily my wife wasn't watching. We ordered another bottle of wine since it was one of our friends birthdays this week and my wife was the designated driver.

Now time for desert but only two of us had room for some. I knew my wife was going to take a spoon of mine so I ordered the Tiramisu a specialty of the restaurant and something I don't get to eat too often.


The night ended and it was time to go with my belly full good friends to share the meal it was a good end to the day and one of the best meals in Banff this year.

On a side note I came to Banff in 1991 and had enjoyed a meal at Ticino and eventually as my position as Chef Concierge at the Rimrock Resort (1993 - 1995 & 1998 - 2002) I sent many guests to the restaurant as they always treated them like family . My guests always came back with rave reviews and I will never forget that. Thank you for 40 great years of service, hospitality and great food. Wishing you another 40 years!

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