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The Best Roasted Chick Pea Recipe

Yeah you can eat a bag of chips but wouldn't it be great if you ate something healthy instead? How about some roasted chickpeas or garbanzo beans as they call them in the US. Chickpeas a great source of fiber protein and don't have to be just made into hummus! Although I love hummus too.

These are simple to make. Dried chickpeas soaked overnight or chickpeas in a can your choice although I do like the flavor of dried chickpeas that have been soaked overnight. Watch the video pretty much shows you how to make it

1 cup chickpeas dried soak over night or use a can and drain

add on parchment paper spread out

drizzle olive oil on chickpeas

add 1 table spoon garlic powder, salt pepper

add 1 tablespoon steak spice I used Alberta Steak Spice on this my favourite made in Alberta Click on link to check it out.

Mix put in oven nat 250 for 20 min then mix add in for another 20 min shut off oven and let sit in there.

Will be nice and crunchy great snack!!

Please share, follow, like the video so I know you like it and want me to make more videos.

Also if you have a spice that you have tried let us know in the comments!

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