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The best bulgur salad - Kisir

Looking for the nice salad with bulgur that is vegetarian friendly but also goes well with kebabs. This dish is made in various ways throughout the Middle East . In Turkey they call it Kisir others may call it Tabouleh. Either way Ive made my own style of the recipe here.

We start with fine bulgur 1 cup, add 1 cup hot water and cover for 5 minutes. Open fluff up.

I added the following chopped up all first

1 tomato

1/3 of a onion

1/2 a cucumber

Dill a few sprigs

Parsley few sprigs

Cilantro few sprigs

Salt / pepper

Drizzle the olive oil 2 table spoons

Squeeze half lemon

Pomegranate syrup found in middle eastern stores drizzle

Mix all together let sit in fridge . I like this cold and even better the next day for lunch!

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