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Mitolo Jester Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

When I think of Mclaren Vale I think of big bold wines that have to go with something hardy as a meal. I picked up one of Mitolo's well priced wines that I thought might go well with the Valbella Bison sausages I had waiting at home in the fridge .

Now lets first talk about Mitolo as a winery. The family came from Abruzzo region in Italy in the 50s to Australia . After years of growing vines gardens etc they paired with well know winemaker Ben Glaetzer and started on a path of creating wines.

" Ben takes a ‘hands-off’ approach, fermenting cool to retain purity, and using a range of barrel coopers to generate complexity yet respect and enhance the fruit."

Mitolo Jester Cabernet 2015

This Cabernet I full bodied with lots of dark rich flavours of black currants, chocolate and a finish that lasts with a bit of spice at the end.

I paired this with a Bison Whisky sausage made locally here in Canmore by Valbella a family operation that still running strong after 40 years in business. I added it to a leftover rice dish of peppers and peas and added some fresh basil to add a little summer into it since it was summer solstice when I had this. It paired well since the bison is a hearty sausage compared to say their bratwurst stages that always make it into our house as a staple.

Bison sausage from Valbella in Canmore

Next time Id love to have one of their Single Vineyard series although Im not sure I can get it here in Alberta, but hey maybe e its time to go back to Australia and drink it there !

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