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Korean Noodles - JJAJANG

Today I decided to test out a package of a Koprean brand of Instant noodles with a spicy black bean sauce. Don't know much about the company but its made by Paldo Food from Korea who seems to make a lot of instant noodles but also makes other packaged food and drinks. I bought it in Calgary at a Korean store so it must be good right? Lets. dive in!

So first thing I did was open the package and it had two more packages in it.

One seemed like the onions greenery pack and the other the black bean sauce. The directions said add water boil and and then add noodles and greens.

I cut opened the package of spicy black beans which was made easy with a rip tab so I could taste it first. It had a nice kick to it but not something I would melt my tongue on. Just enough to make me say

" I Like it, give me more"

I emptied most of the water except it said to leave 5 table spoons . I eyeballed it and then placed into a bowl. I topped the noodles with the Spicy black bean mix and had seen a video of a Korean lady adding cucumber slices so I did the same. I slurped up those noodles like it was my last meal ( maybe I was just hungry) . It was good and to be honest the bits of meat and veggies in the sauce was ok but the sauce was the main feature spicy rich goodness. The cucumbers added a crunch and a s little refreshing added bonus.

I don't eat many package noodles but after having this one I might indulge in a cheap bowl at home more often . At less than $2 for the package its a fast fun lunch without the fuss.

Stay tuned for another one in the near future!

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