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Kapuska - Cabbage & Beef

Updated: Jan 22

A nice winter dish enjoyed by many people in Turkey and the Balkans is a dish called Kapuska . The worked is slavic for cabbage but the dish is made in Turkey mainly in the winter months with cabbage and ground beef or lamb.

Here is how I make it. I start with one onion chopped in small bits, then chop cabbage in small bite size pieces. I add a table spoon of butter and a spoon of olive oil in a pan to melt. I add the onions to pan then add a table spoon of tomato paste and red pepper paste ( you can use ground paprika too) then add ground beef 500 grams and sauté more then I add the cabbage and mix well I add just enough water to come almost to top. Let simmer for 45 minutes and make sure cabbage is cooked can soft. You can keep on low just like you would chill. When done place in bowl add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper or chilli pepper ( I like it spicy) get a nice baguette and sour dough and enjoy. Its in one spot meal as I like to call it.

Check out the video to see it being made. Enjoy!


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