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Irish Whiskey Writers Tears

When I think of Irish whisky I always thought of the grand old Jamesions because it was always the one that you saw on the shelf or in your parents liquor cabinet. Then as the years go by you discover that the world of whisky is diverse and that oh yes Irish whisky does exist beyond that Jamesion guy. Well lets think about it Whisky especially the Pot still started in Ireland and moved in a big way to Scotland and beyond.

Tonight the Whisky I chose was Writers Tears which comes from the Walsh whiskey producers in Carlow Ireland. Here are some details

Distiller/BlenderBlended by Bernard WalshDistilleryUndisclosed, although this contains single pot still and some triple distilled single malt. Fluid70 cl ,

Ingredients:100% Barley. Both Malted and Unmalted., Alcohol 40%, Types of Barrel used for Aging Bourbon Casks.

Tastes on my palate have some honey, butterscotch, almonds and a little chocolate. I would not hesitate to haver this with a desert like a light pudding that's not overly sweet.

Average cost in Alberta for Writers tears is about $55 Canadian as of June 2019

Writers Tears Copper Pot - Irish Whiskey

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