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Hot sauce that hits the mark

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

I always look for local products that I can try and I’m a hot sauce fan, so when I saw this locally made Banff hot sauce from elevation hot sauce I thought I’d give it a try .

I opened the bottle and immediately smelled the pineapple which was

pleasant on the nose. Normally the vinegar in most hot sauces are predominant but not with this one. I immediately got a teaspoon and tasted it . Fruity of course with that tropical note of pineapple it’s not going to tip you over and make you want to call you mom to take you to the hospital. It’s mild enough that I think it would be a fantastic starter hot sauce for many. I decided to try it on some poke I made which I normally add siracha which has more of garlic taste to it.

This was a perfect match . Tuna poke is a Hawaiian dish that has caught on like wild fire and I make mine pretty simply with soy sauce sesame oil mirin sake and a dash of sugar mix add fresh onions and then my hot sauce at end all on a bed of white rice . The pineapple hot sauce added to this dish and if you poke lovers out there want a perfect way of enhancing this dish adad this hotsauce.

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