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Grilled BBQ Liver

Liver take it or leave it. Well I've seen it made in many ways and seems to be popular flouring and frying it. I decided ton give the grilling method a shot. Ive seen this down in Turkey where they have speciality restaurants that do this daily but its usually as shish kebab and they add some lamb fat in-between the skewers.

Take the liver, rinse it then pat it dry. Now put in a bowl and soak it in milk. Leave this overnight or a few hours. It will help with taking away unpleasant smell taste that some. people might not like.

Next take it out of the bowl. and pat it dry. Add olive oil over it then put some oregano sprinkle both sides , salt , pepper and a few chill flakes if you like some heat.

Now your ready to hit the grill once this is a t room temperature. I like to put a mat. on the grill to make sure the liver doesn't slip between the cracks! Let not cook a few minutes as you'll notice the edges turning colour then its time to flip. cook again for a few minutes. This all depends on thickness. I like it super thin cooks fast and easy to cut eat.

Add a nice salad or fries an your good to go . Enjoy!

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