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Focaccia Bread

One of the best easy bread to make is Focaccia. It's a simple yeasted dough that can bring joy into your families life because everyone loves it!

Here is my simple recipe


3 cups flour




Olive oil


Black pepper

Yeast and teaspoon of sugar mixed into a half cup Luke warm water

3 cups flour in bowl

Add olive oil 1/4 cup

Add yeast mix

Add teaspoon salt

Mix adding water as needed soak up flour create into a elastic ball.

Leave in warm area to rise

This can be in the oven which is turned on a few minutes to have warm not hot.

Once it rises punch down and knead and let rise again.

Get a pan oil it then add the dough and stretch out to fill pan.

Add olive oil 1/4 cup , thyme, salt pepper .

Then with your finger punch the mixture into dough.

Place in oven at 375 for 20 min and then check to see it doesn’t overcook bottom. Out the broiler in for until browned on top. Remove let cool and then place on bread board . Cut when cool eat with your favourite meal soup salads.

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