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Etli Turlu - Meat Stew

Everyone loves a good hearty stew. The stews we grow up with reminds us of special times or maybe they were the basic sustenance for some. My father always talked about how he and his family who lived in a small village of Koyulhisar Sivas Turkey would eat stews as a family. They would sit on the ground with a round table a big pot of stew bread and each having their own spoon to scoop out a mouthful. Stews can be made with a variety of seasonal vegetable and some with wheats such as bulgur , barley, pastas etc.

In this version which is known throughout Turkey as Etli Turlu , meaning Mixed stew with meat.

I put in the main ingredients I enjoy. There can be many more ingredients that I can be added in this such as green beans carrots etc.

The dish is sometimes made in a eaten pot called a Guvec then cooked in a wood fired oven, but in my case its the new Instapot which seems to do the trick o pressure cooker in the new age of quick cooking. Mind you if I had a wood burning oven I would surely slow cook this any day! Nothing beats that smokey flavour of wood bringing in my view.

So here are the ingredients you see in the video

1 - onion

5 cloves garlic

1 green pepper

1-tomato ( I used big one)

1- zucchini

1- Eggplant ( I used a Japanese eggplant normally they use a globe Italian eggplant)

500 grams venion ( normally its lamb or beef but since I hunt I have venison in my freezer)

3-4 cups beef, veal or lamb stock fill to top of items in pot

1/3 cup olive oil

2 table spoons paprika

1 tablespoon oregano

1/2 tablespoon cumin

salt and pepper to taste about 1 teaspoon

Pressure cook for 28-30 minute , natural release for 10-12 minutes

You may find there is more liquid but that's ok all that flavour in that liquid and sometimes if we don't eat all the stew liquid I can use it in a pasta sauce etc soo much flavour.

Enjoy and give the video a like and subscribe to the you tube channel and website.

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