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Borek - Turkish

As a kid growing up in a Turkish family we always had some form of borek ( a dough filled with meat or cheese ) made by my mom or aunts. The one I'm about to show you is the one my mom always made but there are many ways to make them. The changes are usually the dough used and the filling according to regions. Its also probably the most common thing made around the world in one form or another called by its native name like empanadas.

Let start with the dough which is similar to pastry dough in this recipe.

4 cups of flour

6 ounces veg or olive oil

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

Put it all in a bowl and start to add some water slowly as much as it will absorb but not super wet. Making sure it holds together to form a nice elastic ball. Let is rest for 30 min.

Next have some soft or melted cold butter ready on the side .

Cut into pieces and form into small balls. Roll out the ball and brush butter in the middle of dough. Now make a few folds into dough creating layers. Place in a pyrex or some dish that can be placed into fridge overnight. Your essentially making an elastic pastry dough.

Ball of dough

Next day make your filling. I like ground beef and onions as a filling which I cook in a pan with some salt and pepper to taste until throughly cooked and set aside to cool.

Rolled out butter on sheet of dough

Roll dough up

Place dough in Pyrex

Roll out your dough to stretch it with the rolling pin. Make it into any shape you like. place filling and then roll doughmaking a tight seal. Place in sheet pan no need to grease as dough is already oily.

Have an egg yolk on side ready to brush on pastry tops and sprinkle Nigella seeds or sesame seeds for that extra flavour component.


Meat and onion filling - Borek

Cook till you see the tops of the borek nice and brown. You will then let to cool for a few minutes as the interior is piping hot and will burn your tongue if you try and eat it!

Serve this on its own as an appetizer or main or with a side salad .

Afiyet Olsun - May it bring your comfort and fill you up.

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