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Bison NY Strip Loin BBQ

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Its bbq season so lets get something good on the bbq that wont take long and cook quickly. So I decided Alberta raised Bison Ny Strip Loin cut and packed North Range Craft butchers

Bison is lean meat with a higher content of iron and protein than beef. And because the fat content is low you need to cook this at a medium rare to taste good. In this video I show you the way I like to cook it simple and easy.

Get your Bison to room temp add salt pepper and olive oil. Now heat up the bbq to about 500 degrees. Get ready to grill! Note: you can use steak spice but on this occasion I decided to keep it simple.

Place on grill let cook for about 2 minutes then move to make the cross grill marks for another 2 minutes , then flip do the same. Again remember to not overcook the meat. Remove place an aluminum sheet over and let rest for about 5 minutes for juices to reincorporate.

Now your ready to eat and enjoy this fine steak . Add some cauliflower, yam fries , Brussel sprouts or mushrooms to the dish.

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