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A Big Red Cabernet Sauvignon

Last night I had the pleasure of having a good friend over for dinner. The idea was to try the Silver Ghost by Montagu Wines of Napa he bought me for my birthday last month. I decided that a Napa Cab was fit for a nice organic meat such as venison I bow hunt locally here in Canmore Alberta.

Silver Ghost from Montagu wines locally purchased from Canmore Wine Merchants

I decided to souvide the venison backstrap for 2 hours at 129 degrees with my Annova souvide tool. Such a great way to cook if you have time. The meat ended up being very tender probably even better for tougher meats to try this method. I seasoned it with Alberta Steak spice which is a local company here in Canmore making a great product. Finally seared it in a cast iron pan and ready to serve.

Alberta Steak Spice from Canmore Alberta

The wine had a great silky texture and flavours of black cherry blueberry and some espresso maybe even chocolate all go well with the venison. This wine scores highly by many such as James Suckling one of my most trusted wine critic. Its sold here by Canmore Wine Merchants but it may be in low stock and high demand . I don't see this being available for much longer so go grab a bottle.

Local venison from Canmore where I bow hunt

Final dish done in souvide and seared in cast iron pan

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