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Leek Leftovers

This week I had leftover leek tops I had to do something with so I thought why not a leek broth. I added onions carrots and 2 cloves of garlic season salt pepper and let it cook in a slow cooker. Once that was completed I let it cool over night. Now the thing is you have all this leek carrot onion leftover and I felt it wasn't right to just put in the compost as I figure it has too much flavour and life left . This is what I did.

Leek tops made into a broth to use for soup
Leek broth

I took the leek leftovers from the soup squeezing all the broth out. Then I took two eggs whipped them up and added it to the leek carrot and onion mixture. I first thought maybe and omelette , but the I decided it could be more. Why not a pancake or something like okonomiyaki?

Left over leek carrots and onions from broth

I added some flour to the mixture and thickened it so it would be like a crepe or maybe pancake. I took the crepe pan I use to make almost everything that is flat like omelettes , pancakes crepes etc. and added some olive oil to it.

Crepe pan I use for everything flat

Then I proceed to add the mixture to the pan and flatten it all around so it filled up the pan. I cooked the one side then with a large plate covering the top I flipped it and slid it into the pan to cook the other side. It didn't take much to cook it as it wasn't too thick. I then placed in the pan and added okonomiyaki sauce and a little chipotle mayo onto to make it look fancy. And voila a great breakfast idea comes together. Or I guess it could be a lunch or dinner idea as well. Who doesn't like pancakes, crepes or okonomiyaki anytime of the day. Make it and enjoy.

Leek Carrots and onion leftover pancake
Leek Carrot and Onion broth leftovers created as a pancake

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